Friday, May 17, 2019

Chapter 13 Scam

Lately, I have had several clients come to me, who have been told by other bankruptcy lawyers, that they must file a Chapter 13. After a few questions, I determined they could have achieved their goals with a Chapter 7. I think this is often a scam and I know which particular lawyers in town are doing it.

A Chapter 13 is far more difficult and expensive for the client than a Chapter 7. It takes 5 years and involves a very intrusive process over that time, while the expenses can be very high. Meanwhile, a Chapter 7 is normally a flat fee and only takes a few months (most of the time).

A Chapter 13 results in much higher fees for the lawyer and this is the only reason these lawyers are pushing their clients into Chapter 13, when Chapter 7 is available. My fee for Chapter 7 fee is normally $890.00. Chapter 13 costs range from $3,500 - $5,000, or more.

We Can Convert Wrongly Filed Chapter 13 to Chapter 7 

You are entitled to convert your Chapter 13 to a Chapter 7. Our firm has converted several Chapter 13 cases to Chapter 7. We are glad to do so for you. Certain ethics rules apply in seeking new counsel and we'll immediately educate you about that when you call.

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