Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Wage Garnishment Blues

Wage Garnishment Blues

When you owe a creditor money, they may go to county courts and sue you for that money. If you don't pay, then they can garnish your wages. It is pretty simple for them--its just a form they fill out at the Court essentially.

From your standpoint, you can contest the original lawsuit. If you lose, you must pay. Most people do not contest the lawsuit. In fact, most people look the other way until the wage garnishment hits. That is what really gets their attention.

Bankruptcy can stop the wage garnishment in its tracks. Its really that simple. However, the realities of enforcing the bankruptcy at the county court take an experienced attorney. You will have to file documents with the Court, explain things to the clerks, and your own human resources department.

That is what we offer. If you have a wage garnishment issue, we can help. Call now: (614) 284-4394

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